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CAUTION!!! Each of these references may cause the firing of rusty synapses, spontaneously generating the familiarity and an extreme comfort found only at home:

Whether learning of the Kennedy assassination while on a field trip to Burbank Water and Power, or visiting the Golden Mall, or remembering Burcals, Tom McCann's, Kinney Shoes, Standard Brands, San Val Drive-In (sneaking in, in the trunk), Pickwick Drive-In, PEP Boys, Horace Mann, Thomas Jefferson, Emerson, Villa Cabrini, ZODY'S, BIG 5, Bellarmine Jefferson, Michele Records, Killeen's Music, Buster Brown Shoe Store, Sav-On Drug Store (fun to serve yourself and save), Cloth World, Magnolia Theatre, Tony's Pizza, Kessler Jewelers, McCambridge Park, John Muir, the Cornell Theatre, Mr. Bigs, Marlindo Lanes, Tony's Market, Glen Mar Liqueurs, Baskin Robbins, 7-11, McDonald's (only a few million sold back then), The Dip, Garri Dance Studio, Phil's barber shop, Shopping Bag, Robert Hall, Al's Schwinn Bike Shop (your Stingray headquarters), Arnold's Department Store, Scott's Drugs, Ed's Town Shop (Letterman Jackets), JC Penny's, Thrifty Drugs ice cream cones, Winchell's Donuts, Lucile Cowle Swim School, Burbank YMCA (Camp Earl-Anna), Walt Disney Studios, NBC (Johnny Carson and R&M's Laugh-In), Cricket Field, Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Brace Canyon Park, Bob's Big Boy, Race Time Slot Cars, Stough Park Overlook, Griffith Park (Love-Ins, Pollywog Ponds, horseback riding & train rides in Travel Town) and the giant ant shaped star projector at the G.P. Observatory (crawfish fishing on the drive up), Crabby Appleton and Seals & Croft at the Starlight Bowl, Leonard's Wildwood Canyon, Smoke House (garlic bread and Captain & Tennille), J.J. Newberry's, Universal Studios (the after hours, self guided tour), the Hollywood Bowl (free seating via the mountain entrance), Pickwick Ice Skating ("All Skate", "Hokey Pokey", and your first cigarette), Brand Park,  Jack-In-the-Box (open 24 hours), radio station KHJ, Lockheed Air Terminal, Foster Old Fashioned Freeze, Farrell's Ice Cream, International House of Pancakes, Augie's Fireside, UniMart, Don's Burger, Genios, Olive Recreation Center, Warner Brothers Studios, BEEPS, Sargent's, Kikos, King Swede Restaurant, Taco Rey, the Foam Store, Hughes Market, the Unfinished Furniture Store, Tally Rand (open-faced, hot turkey sandwiches), Giamela's vrs. Santoro's Subs, Monte Carlo's Pinocchio, Home Savings & Loan, Karl's Shoes, Leffert's Jewelers, Pup & Taco, Helms Bakery (the Helms Truck), Terry Lumber, or choking on the smoke from the many mountain fires that burned over the years, so much of who we are today is still rooted in our early years at home, in Burbank.

Written by Mike Ballard of Class of 1973

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