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Our 40th Reunion party was held on Sep 7, 2013 at Pickwick in Burbank. 

Golf Tournament was held on Sep 6. 


We had a great time!


Reunion Pictures on Flickr


A Note from the Burbank High School Class of 1973 40th Reunion Committee

Since that warm summer day in June 1973, when most of us graduated from Burbank High School, forty earth years have spun by - more than doubling the entire time we had spent on earth up until that all important time. Where does the time go? Considering, that in 1973 we all knew everything and no one could tell us anything, aren't you just a little bit interested to see and hear all about the circuitous routes each of us has traveled? Having been armed with our all knowing, Beautiful Downtown Burbank High School educations, we certainly had received interesting preparation. So, no matter where you have gone, who you have been with, what you have accomplished, celebrated, suffered, been praised for, cursed at, loved or lost - we all share an original human experience, one that only in retrospect can we genuinely appreciate. Some have adventured far from Burbank, while others became part of its continuing fabric. No matter your story, no matter your status, no matter your state of mind, we want to welcome you back to Burbank for a couple days and nights. Come back to be with the children we were, come back to meet the men and women we have become, come back be with old friends and come back to make new friends again.

As the committee has been reaching out, in an attempt to locate and re-discover each member of our graduating class, we have been universally impressed, by nearly everyone with whom we have spoken, chatted, Tweeted, Facebooked, Instagramed, emailed or texted, by the love and affection so many express as they fondly recall their formative (Wonder Bread) years while growing up in Burbank.

Without exception, the reunion committee genuinely wishes to extend an invitation to each and every member of our wonderfully diverse class of 1973. This will be a guiltless, loving weekend of activities where the opportunity to share quiet and crazy times together, as we jointly overcome our fear of saying hello, challenge ourselves to recall, share, catch up and fill in the blanks as to when?, where?, what the hell?, how in the world?, and who are you?, commingle with the purple haze of discovery and sometimes clumsy conversation.

Too many classmates have already left us. To not take advantage of this opportunity to visit your past and to stare your roots in the eye (not the ones growing out of your head) will be an opportunity lost forever. Be brave, be humble, be excited, be quick, be nimble, come love, be Bulldogs, don't quit!!

Sign up today for your 40th high school reunion. We are working hard to make it a memorable evening devoid of rubber chicken entrees and stagnant seating arrangements. So, come to Burbank to play with the Stars, Come back to Burbank just to be who you are.




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